Scientific and Technical Center for
High Bit-Rate Transmission Systems JSC
Supertel DALS

In order to quicken development and introduction of the cutting edge fiber-optical telecommunication units, a State enterprise Supertel DALS STC HBRTS was established in 1991.
In 2003, Supertel DALS STC HBRTS SP was modified to Supertel DALS STC HBRTS JSC.
Supertel DALS STC HBRTS JSC holds licenses related to the activities required, being the system integrator, and on the leading domestic enterprises involved in development and introduction of the cutting edge telecommunication equipment and software for transport networks and data access networks. A high scientific and technical potency, and great experience in developments helps the team of the enterprise generating a wide product range based on PDH/SDH/WDM/IP technologies.

Over the years in the business, a scientific and technical cooperation with the profile domestic enterprises is formed, which enables developing and introducing successfully a unit of domestic telecommunication equipment customized to the condition of the domestic market, which comprises also radio relay equipment, up-to-date switching and wireless access systems, optical cable and other components of the fiber-optical trunk line.
Supertel DALS STC HBRTS JSC offers:
  • NGSDH transport network equipment up to STM-64 inclusively capable to operate in WDM networks with spectral multiplex;
  • multi-function equipment for OTN (OTU-1/2/4) networks with DWDM;
  • equipment of multi-service access networks with a wide set of interface terminations;
  • package switching equipment L2+ level;
  • telecommunication interface signal parameter metering equipment;
  • PDH/SDH/OTN/WDM/IP network control systems;
  • field single mode communication fiber cable.
Our advantages
Licenses and Certificates
We hold any license related to the activities required, thus, we are capable to supply equipment virtually to any project. Equipment of the enterprise has communication related certificates. The enterprise deployed a Quality management system being certified in ‘Communication-Quality’ voluntary certification systems with respect to compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008.
Equipment and software offered by Supertel DALS STC HBRTS JSC are the home-made products only complying with the safety criteria adopted in Russia and the world. Equipment of the enterprise has data security related certificates of compliance.
Employees of the enterprise are high-class specialists in their disciplines, 19 developers hold scientific degrees, over 50 persons pass annually specialized extension courses.
We provide the guarantee related to our equipment between 1.5 and 6 years.
Service life of our equipment is 20 years minimum.
We arrange supply and commissioning of our equipment in any location in Russia and the world. Supply period, depending on complexity of equipment and scope of order, is between two-three weeks up to four months.
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